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Exhibition | GPG made a stunning appearance at the Portugal exhibition, starting a new journey of strategic deployment!

Sep 21,2023 | GPG | Global Solar Inverter Provider

On September 18, the 40th European (Portugal) Solar Photovoltaic Conference and Exhibition 2023 kicked off grandly at the International Exhibition Center in Lisbon, Portugal. GPG made a stunning appearance at the exhibition with a series of high-performance inverters, discussing technological innovation with global customers and jointly promoting the development of green energy in Europe.

At this exhibition, GPG continues to empower customers with value, displaying a series of products such as Residential hybrid energy storage inverter4.6-10kw, Commercial String Inverter of 125kw, and 300-800W micro-inverter System. These three series of inverters are GPG products A typical representative of the series, it adapts to the installation needs of various application scenarios. As the preferred efficient solution for industrial, commercial and household power stations, it attracted many investors to come for consultation once it was unveiled at the exhibition, and was sought after by many customers.

EU PVSEC has a history of more than 40 years and is the world's oldest well-known photovoltaic conference. The exhibition showcases the latest technology and market development prospects of photovoltaic energy storage and new energy in Europe and even the world. This Portuguese exhibition attracted personnel from manufacturing companies and research centers from all over the world to discuss new trends, new concepts and development space in the industry.

Portugal, as one of the key areas for GPG's overseas market strategic deployment, has shipped a large number of high-efficiency and high-quality inverters to the local area in recent years. The products have been well received by local dealers due to their superior quality and perfect after-sales service. Portugal recently updated its National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP), targeting an installed solar photovoltaic capacity of 20.4GW by 2030. Currently, Portugal is committed to achieving its 2025 PV capacity target of 8.4GW within two years, more than double the previous national plan. Previous national plans expected solar photovoltaic capacity to reach 9GW by 2030. The Portuguese government sees solar photovoltaics as fundamental to its goals of decarbonizing electricity over the coming decades.

In this favorable market environment, GPG is poised to seize opportunities to enhance its brand's overall competitiveness and actively contribute to the global decarbonization objectives.