GPG App-GPG Inverter
GPG App-GPG Inverter
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Mobile Monitoring at Anytime and Anywhere
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GPG App is available on iPhones and smartphones with Android OS, enabling mobile monitoring of your PV systems easier  and quicker. Both real-time and historical data can be displayed with transparent graphs and in daily, monthly, annual and  overall format. Besides power and yield, data such as CO2 savings, weather condition and sensor information can be dis-  played as well.


GPG App can support both remote and local mode. With remote mode, you can view all data as same as GPG portal; and  with local mode, you can get direct access to the web server of GPG monitoring device via WiFi and check the performance  of your PV system.


  • Real-time and historical data displayed via  internet at any time
  • Visualized data with transparent graphs
  • Daily/monthly/annual/overall data
  • CO2 savings, weather and sensor data displayed
  • Local mode enables direct access to system data via WiFi
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