GPG Remote Monitoring Platform-GPG Inverter
GPG Remote Monitoring Platform-GPG Inverter
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GPG Remote Monitoring Platform

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GPG Portal is a web-based platform for PV monitoring, enabling analysis and presentation of PV systems. Data collected  from PV systems are transmitted to and analyzed by GPG portal, and then displayed in various formats that are easy to un-  derstand. Automatic alarms are available so that any malfunctions or abnormal conditions can be identified and reported  immediately. Users can easily access GPG portal to monitor PV systems at anytime and from anywhere. This easy-to-use  platform makes monitoring of PV systems simple and convenient, far reducing time and costs as well.


The portal can deal with data collected from GPG external data logger, embedded monitoring module, and weather station,  etc. In addition, data from other devices can be analyzed and recorded as well if required by customers.


Model Name

GPG Portal


Supported device number

English, Spanish, Thai, Czech, Portuguese, Chinese

System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems

All/optimized access for mobile devices


Recommended Browsers

FireFox, Internet Explorer 7 or later, Safari, Chrome


JavaScript and Cookies enabled


GPG App for iPhone and Android

Plant Management

GPG Portal Account

One password for all your plants in GPG Portal


All data collected from devices are saved in multiple servers located all over the world, ensuring high-quality and stable ser-  vice for our global users, and ensuring security of database as well to prevent loss of data.



  • User-friendly and multilingual interface
  • Web-based remote management
  • Easy access via Internet by computer and smartphone
  • Visualized real-time data and historical data for analysis  and easy understanding
  • A variety of formats for better presentation
  • Automatic alarms as customized by user
  • Data and event reports sent via email regularly as specified
  • Demonstration power stations for reference, system  information available to share through the portal


Data Display

  • Daily, monthly, annual and total yield
  • Historical data records
  • Log records
  • Malfunction record
  • Daily, monthly and annual reports
  • Display of weather information


Data  Ananlysis

  • Analysis on generating efficiency
  • Analysis on performance of systems and devides
  • Total earnings of systems
  • Total reduction of CO2 emissio
  • Comparison of system performance
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GPG Remote Monitoring Platform
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